Men of Match

I don’t think men read my Match profile. If they did, they might realize I am definitely not for them. 

Here are some examples of men who have shown interest in me on Match over the past week. Not messaged me, just shown interest. 

These are their written profiles. I am not including pictures or screen names. 

First up, a 62 year old man. (Click through to see full written profile)

Next, a 42 year old man. 

Last, this 43 year old man:

First of all, my age range is clear. They completely disregard it, especially the first guy. 

Second, I don’t want kids. I don’t really want to be a step-parent either. That is pretty clear in my profile. 

Third, some of these things are just odd. Who puts that they have a habit of yelling that needs to be corrected? Who doesn’t like to laugh? And shagging like a tiger…? I don’t want to knock the man for his virility and the self-deprecation throughout his profile; however, I am not the cat he is looking for. 

I’m sure I’ve shown interest in plenty of men who have viewed my profile and gone “my god, no.” 

I wish I could give these men helpful advice without seeming like a pretentious jackass (well, more than I already do). It just gets to the core of believing women when they tell you things. Age isn’t as set inflexible as other things dating-wise, but it still bothers me when my standards are not respected from the get-go.