Damaged Goods

My students read a book called Fat-Talk Nation in one of my classes. The basic gist of it is that our society's obsession with weight has led to everyone - regardless of size - hating their bodies. Another important part is how just a single comment can fuck up a kid's body image. Growing up, [...]


Let’s talk skin, shall we? Specifically skin that is plagued by adult acne.  Last weekend, I developed an acne cyst a bit larger than a quarter above my left eyebrow. Tired of this bullshit, this is my skin care regimen that I started this week in earnest: Morning Wash face with Cetaphil for acne-prone skin [...]

Change in Programming

I put a bunch of my posts under password protection. I did it for a few reasons. First, I am residually bothered that “Steve” found my website. I don’t know if he is still reading. That would be fucked up. Second, I’m surprised that I get traffic to my website from Google. I think some [...]


My mom put my flower garden in nearly a year ago while I was recovering from my weight loss surgery.  I love my flower garden. Like my mom, I find gardening to be a form of self-care. I treasure being able to see the colors bloom. I love coming home at the end of the [...]


I have gone on more dates than usual in the past two weeks. In fact, I've gone on dates with three different men.  I am physically attracted to one of them. He flirts with me, too. The other two are nice, but I don't find myself physically attracted to them. Furthermore, neither of them really [...]


While I do get head colds every so often, I don't get super sick very often as an adult.  I mainly attribute this to not having or working with children. Kids, god love em, have a lot of stuff going on. Usually snot-related.  So, when I get sick, I struggle with actually taking rest to [...]

What’s Wrong With Being Confident

Confidence is sexy. I know this. Yet, the thing about being fat for so long and dating is that I doubt the intentions of men. Oh, I know that some guys would fuck a hole in the wall. Some do! But there is an added layer of skepticism laid on when dating while fat. It's [...]

Fuck Gustavo Offely

Initially I was going to title this "Dear Gustavo," but dear is usually a term used with a certain sort of care, even if used sarcastically.  Fuck you.  I don't know you. The only reason I can surmise as to why you decided to message me on Facebook would be because I stood up for [...]