There is less than a month until school resumes and I'm wondering what the fuck I did over the weeks. I know I completed two triathlons - an Olympic and a Super Sprint. I know I cleaned out some junk drawers in the kitchen. I know I vacuumed under my furniture in the living room … Continue reading Summer

So Happy

Dave and I went to Texas last week for the Fourth of July. I've written about the Fourth of July countless times before, normally noting how it is different from when I was a kid. The posts were generally depressing. This year was different. And better. On the Fourth, Dave and I bought shitty fireworks … Continue reading So Happy

Xanga Revival

This week marks the first of my summer vacation!  Granted, I teach online starting next week, but I've been taking advantage of this week to deep clean my house.  This summer, I plan to get at least two manuscripts completed and submitted. That is my main goal and what I'll be striving toward. Among other things … Continue reading Xanga Revival


I'm awake because I drank tea too late in the evening, plus my sleep schedule is fucked. Oh well. Dave is passed out beside me, gently snoring-ish. Before Dave, I had a hard time falling asleep whenever I shared my bed with someone (regardless if they were family, friend, or other). With him, I can … Continue reading Satisfaction


It is officially 2018 where I am, so I'd like to take stock of my 2017... Professionally I'd like to say I've made some professional strides. I took a group of students to the Women's March on Washington. I completed a program review... then at the end of the year I found out the program … Continue reading Reflections

Into Him

I am really into Dave, y'all. And the weird thing is that he is into me, too. He thinks I'm the bees knees. Well, he hasn't used that exact phrase, but I imagine he'd concur. I don't think this is what it felt like before. I know it's not fair to compare a current relationship … Continue reading Into Him

Damaged Goods

My students read a book called Fat-Talk Nation in one of my classes. The basic gist of it is that our society's obsession with weight has led to everyone - regardless of size - hating their bodies. Another important part is how just a single comment can fuck up a kid's body image. Growing up, … Continue reading Damaged Goods