The Fourteenth

Apparently there is this thing called “Steak and Blowjob Day” that takes place on March 14th. It is quite informal. According to this article on The Jane Dough, the origins are from the mind of Boston deejay in 2002:

“Every 14th of February men get the chance to display their fondness for a significant other by showering them with gifts, flowers, dinner, and many other romantic baubles. They rack their brains for that one special gift that will show their spouse that they truly care. Well here’s a little secret: men feel a tad left out. They’re just too proud or too embarrassed to admit it… This holiday has been created so that the ladies can show their man how much they truly care for him.”

The article on The Jane Dough is brilliant and I concur with many of the author’s sentiments, namely that adult relationships are not based on one what one person “owes” the other. Love is not based on a barter system (well, chores might be… but those, in general, suck for both parties).

However, I would like to propose something that is hopefully pleasing to both men and women AND is not nearly so heterosexist as the reasoning behind “Steak and BJ Day.”

The fourteenth of *each* month should be Oral Pleasures Day! Steak and Oral Sex for both partners! Ta da! Brilliant, no?

Granted, those singles such as myself will continue to be shut out of at least part of Oral Pleasures Day (assuming they don’t have some buddy or stranger they want to let lick their junk).

But they could at least eat some steak.

In fact, we could get the beef industry all up in this campaign – produce some “Got Milk?”-like advertisements for billboards and magazines. Hell, one of my students recently wore a shirt soliciting blowjobs! I am sure that student has other ideas they’d be willing to share as they were bold enough to wear that shirt to class.

I think this campaign is very sex positive and gets away from the tit-for-tat (pun intended) that partly makes Steak and BJ Day problematic.

I’d like to be optimistic and have a standing reservation for two at Saltgrass Steakhouse (I don’t trust my grilling abilities)… but as much as I enjoy steak and sexy times, I don’t see singledom ending anytime soon.
(This week marks 4 years – Happy Anniversary to me?? (Then again, I don’t think I could have lasted 4 more days in that relationship!)(Yay for happiness, self-growth, and being a fucking warrior goddess!)(This disclosure is also somewhat depressing!)(parentheses in parentheses!)).


Perhaps with an added aural element. I don’t know, I’m brainstorming.

Fo-oral-teenth? Hmm…

Just an idea.