Good Things Going On

Some good things are going on for me and some of my family members, especially this week!

My mom got a book offer in writing for her newest book, B.F.D. (Big Fat Disaster)! Her students’ standardized testing is over this week!

My dad is healthy and has not had any limbs fall off, get infected, or get chopped off (but not for lack of trying)! He also, fortunately, has a lot of work/business!

My sister Kristen got a job this summer working as an Advanced Care Partner (like a CNA for nursing students) on the Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant floor at a hospital in Denver!

My sister Alissa is included in the book Crack the Spine Winter 2013!

I received a Grasmick Summer Fellowship for 2013, funding research that my chair and I have planned!


I am this year’s Outstanding Ph.D. Student for the sociology department!

*Ginormous Smile* *Thumbs Up*