Turning 30


I turn 30 this year.

I think I have accomplished a lot for my age. I’ve earned my PhD. I own a house. I am raising two dogs and two cats and they seem to be doing okay. I’ve traveled abroad – England, Italy, Switzerland, Ghana, Togo, and Canada. I have my dream job — a tenure-track position at a university. I’ve completed four half marathons. I’ve had an organ removed (my gallbladder) and a foot fixed. I’ve been to Walt Disney World and Disneyland. I’ve seen my favorite band in concert three times. I’ve been in some serious relationships. I’ve gotten six tattoos. I got an IUD. I moved across the country.

Unlike many of my peers, I’m not married. I haven’t been divorced. I do not have any kids. I am fine with all of these things.

Still, I have decided that this year is my year of change, inside and out.

It actually started last year.

First, I decided that I needed to do something about my acne and acne scars. I finally went to a dermatologist and have an entire regimen for my face. Seems worth it so far.

Second, I decided I need to get my binge eating under control, or at least more manageable. I now see a slew of specialists on a semi-regular basis to help me with this.

Third, I got an elliptical. It is a very nice, fancy elliptical. Once I receive approval from my podiatrist to begin exercising again, I will use it! That is the plan!

Fourth, I decided I need to get a hold on my debt. I have entered credit counseling in an effort to do this and I should be debt free (not including student loans or mortgage) in four and a half years at most. It is somewhat scary, to be honest.

And… I’m attempting to grow my hair out. For now at least. It is somewhat driving me nuts.

That is the extent of my personal revolution plan. I am looking forward to turning 30 and the positive changes in store for me.