Stagnant Conversation

The thing with “going with the flow” is that there had to be a flow. It can’t just sit there and stagnate.

I’m thinking that since I told Latest Tinder Guy to stop sending my unsolicited dick pics, he has nothing to say to me. He cannot hold a conversation.

I was talking to my friend L the other day and she asked me if I even wanted to talk to this man. I said with a shrug, “Meh.” L burst out laughing and concluded that I need to move beyond just “Meh.”

I agree.

I was just thinking about how my favorite Shakespeare comedy, not to mention one of my favorite characters of all time, is Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing. I strongly identify with her. I need a man who can not only win me with his words but also has a sharp wit. A man who can verbally spar yet is still sweet and sexy.  He can hold his own in a conversation.

It is not that I am looking for a fight or drama. It is more like a game of Ping Pong. Like this:

This should not be confused with talking a lot. I once dated a man who talked A LOT. He didn’t pick up on cues that indicated when to stop. He would narrate traffic as driver or passenger. And when I would throw a spoken barb at him, he would smile and call me a smart ass. I did not appreciate that.

Perhaps I need to take up Beatrice’s mantle and proclaim that “I would rather hear my dog bark at a crow than a man swear he loves me.”

I’m not to that point yet. Yet.