I am a t-shirt addict. Right now, I probably have at least 750 t-shirts, if not more.

I probably wear a rotation of 10 of them, including t-shirts that are more like pajamas and not for public.

My therapist advised taking photos of the shirts and then giving them away. She also suggested turning them into a t-shirt quilt.

wooden shirt

Wooden Elementary Shirt

I have t-shirts from my elementary, middle, and high school years that I have wanted to turn into a t-shirt quilt. Occasionally, I put a call out on social media looking for a yellow Wooden Elementary t-shirt that I wore when I was a kid but that probably got ruined when my house burned when I was a kid. Not that the yellow t-shirt is the only thing stopping me. Money is a factor as well.

I also have other t-shirts that might look good as a t-shirt quilt – like those with Karen Hallion’s Doctor Who-Disney Princess art on them – but then I think about whether I would actually use such a quilt or if it would be more of something for the cats to lay on and get all hairy.

My affinity for t-shirts goes way back. I was known for my sarcastic, funny t-shirts in middle school and high school.

Yet, I realize that I am 30 years old. And a woman. And I think that 30 year old women don’t go around wearing t-shirts with logos and sayings on them on a regular basis. I already get mistaken for an undergrad and grad student.

That does not stop me from wanting more t-shirts. They pop up in my Facebook news feed as ads and I think, “Oooo… that Wonder Woman silhouette in the style of the NBA logo looks really cool.”

The only thing that gives me pause is not knowing what size I will be in upcoming months. I’ve already bought some t-shirts for a range of sizes. Well, that thing, and money. Impulse control, y’all. I’m working on it.