I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Seattle!

Going there, the only things I knew for sure was that I was going to attend the American Sociological Association conference, would present there, and would be getting a tattoo.

I actually had not planned on rejoining Tinder until I started listening to Amy Schumer’s Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo on my way to the airport. She wrote about how she is super introverted but sometimes makes bold moves.

In any case, I arrived last Friday and joined soon after I settled in my hotel room. My profile read something like, “The only reason I’m at the sociology conference in Seattle rather than the Olympics in Rio is because people watching technically isn’t a sport yet.”

The Tinder in Seattle is of much, much high quality compared to that of northeast Ohio.

My first match, K, and I struck up a conversation. I was attracted to his saying he was a feminist in his humorous profile as well as his wearing of a Golden Girls t-shirt in a few of his pictures. We met in the hotel bar for drinks and conversation, topics ranging from politics to Seattle itself. We had a good time.

My second match was actually made after K left; however, I was tired and I didn’t make much conversation until the following evening (Saturday).

Saturday morning I went out to breakfast with my friend Charlotte. It was wonderful to see her and catch up. I was also very impressed by the food at Local 360.

I then went to two fascinating sessions at the conference before deciding to go check out Pike Place Market. I saw a fish thrown, visited a quirky store called Ugly Baby and La Rue, saw the gum wall, and had a drink at The Alibi. I then went out to dinner with two of my former professors and another OU alum (he was from an earlier cohort than mine).

Although I was tired, I decided to check in with my second match, B. From his profile, B and I appeared to have some similarities. When he asked if I wanted to go get a drink, I got a second wind and met him about a block away from my hotel at a restaurant. We had a great conversation about travel, flying, cruises, and life in general. It was very enjoyable.

On Sunday, I slept in and missed my appointment to go up the Seattle Space Needle. I did, however, make brunch at the Collections Cafe. After that, I visited the Chihuly Museum and the EMP Museum. Both were fantastic. I then went to my tattoo appointment at the Seattle Tattoo Expo. My artist, Shiloah of Damask Tattoo, did outstanding work. I felt so bad for her because my leg involuntarily twitched at times as she was working. But it looks amazing and is healing nicely.

After my tattoo, B met me at the monorail station. I tried to get him to hang out with me earlier in the day, but he was non-committal. He did say that he went to the same area where I was at that afternoon, but I was already getting my tattoo. When I told him my phone battery was dying, he brought me one of those recharging packs.

We walked around to find somewhere to eat dinner. We ate at Bell + Whete. Again, the food was excellent. Afterward, we walked to his apartment, got his truck, and he drove me to Kerry Park so that I could see the skyline at night. He pointed out the various landmarks to me. It was very sweet.

On Monday, I had my presentation. I then visited the Seattle location of Babeland. I totally forgot they had a Seattle location! I got two t-shirts because of course I did. I attended one last session before I had to switch hotels from the conference hotel to an airport hotel.

B came to visit me and hang out at the airport hotel, taking a train from downtown to my location. He offered to do dinner, but I wasn’t hungry. Our time spent together over those three days was very enjoyable and I am glad to have met him.

Tuesday involved all-day travel. I left my hotel by 7:30 am PDT and did not pull into my driveway until 9 pm EST. In other words, it was fucking exhausting.

And then my fall semester started on Wednesday.

One of my former professors suggested I consider looking for a new job that would have a better dating market with it. I told her I wasn’t so sure I could just up-end my life for the mere prospect of better dates.

I thought about this as I completed Amy Schumer’s book. She had not such a great time on the dating scene up until fairly recently. I don’t think she met her partner until she was 33 or 34 (she is 35 now). And she lives in New York City — a virtual Mecca of potential people to date. She also mentions that when she was 30, she was at the point of making multiple pacts with male friends to get married by a certain age so that they could grow old together. I’m not to that point yet (though I’ll admit I told Same Dude Different Day back when we still talked that I intended on us living a Golden Girls-like existence in the future).

All considered, it was an amazing trip. My confidence has skyrocketed as a result of my dates, not to mention knowing that there are men out there who are progressive, well-educated, and don’t pose with dead animals in their profile pictures.

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