Tantrums – Part 2

I was, of course, correct in my prediction.

He told me Saturday morning that he would a) he would find out by 1 pm if he had a conflict and b) would call me that afternoon. He did neither.

Fuck this guy, you know?

He has also gotten progressively weirder, using academic as an insult and accusing me of overthinking everything.

Case in point, when he said he would know by 1 whether or not he had to do something else. I replied “Excellent.”

I think he was intending this as an insult

What I wanted to say in reply was that the reason it was excellent was so that I could figure out my evening. If I knew we would be meeting, I would not go to Home Depot after attending an event I signed up for weeks ago. I would go home and change clothes.

This man has made so many assumptions about me. He thinks I throw tantrums. He believes I overanalyze things to death.

Ok, here is where I need to come clean. The guy in question? It’s Stripper Guy.

The other assumptions that he has made about me is that I am absolutely dying to see him strip for me. I will admit that I have played along, but I am far from dying to see some naked dude. I am especially not dying to see someone whom I am not attracted to and who I know has no attraction to me.

Perhaps we’ve both been leading each other on. Perhaps he gets off on making plans and flaking out on them. I know that part doesn’t do anything for me. Perhaps I am into the drama because, let’s face it, I don’t have a whole lot else going on at the moment. My Tinder matches largely suck at carrying on a conversation (one man exclusively talked in GIFs this evening) or are creepy.

And, as I stated in my previous post, I think I just want a good story and to see if all of this shit has been worth it in terms of meeting a cool person. When we have an actual dialogue going, we tend to have good repartee.

I do not know if he still has a girlfriend – I haven’t asked. I don’t even know if he really had one or if that was his excuse for getting cold feet in the Spring. I see that I said he was a dick back when I wrote the Embittered piece, but I can’t quite recall what was said to make me make this declaration (besides the obvious).