Charming Men

I’ve decided that whenever guys are wanting me to detail all the sexual things I’d do with them (as some conversations seem to go, much to my chagrin 🙄), I shall demand that they outline, in detail, all the things they would do for me to bring me massive amounts of pleasure. 

That doesn’t mean I’ll believe them or that they are getting in my pants. But it gives me an idea of how they do or do not prioritize women’s experience. 

For example, “forcing my cock deep into back of your throat” as Bryan here wants to doesn’t do it for me. At all. I pointed out that forcing was fucked up and Bryan said:

I do, however, get a sick sort of pleasure knowing that a guy is sitting at work with a hard-on and nothing he can readily do about it. 

Erections with Ease


No. Just, no. 

EDIT TO ADD (9/18):

Some how I matched with him again on Bumble. WHAT THE FUCK? My bad for not realizing it was him when swiping, but I guess he deleted his account and re-did it. Immediately unmatched without conversation.