I have had many different conversations going on over the past few days with a handful of men.

This is quite unusual for me.

There’s the magazine editor from Brooklyn who was in town for a wedding. He wanted to hang out, but he was over an hour away, it was raining, and I wasn’t quite sure what he meant by “hang out” (though I have my suspicions). We did not talk long, but he was nice.

There’s the teacher from Pennsylvania. He’s nice, and we had some great conversation, but now he just wants to talk sex and I don’t really want to do that. I would like to get back to talking about our interests. I doubt it will go back.

There’s B from Seattle. We’re still in touch, but he is sort of wishy-washy when it comes to conversation.

There’s the army guy from west of Cleveland. We texted about the oddities of Tinder before he said, “I bet you are kinky.” I asked how he got that and he said he read it into the chat. I told him he had to share his kinks first and he has fallen silent.

There’s the corporate lawyer who is moving to this area from out-of-state. We’re supposed to meet up for drinks, though our initial plans fell through. He seems very smart.

There’s the photographer from Cleveland. We get along really well. Things seem to be clicking. He sent the first message on Tinder, telling me I was beautiful. I was skeptical of such a first message, but it worked. We’ve been exchanging messages since Sunday. We plan to meet for a date on Friday.

And, surprise surprise, Stripper Guy reappeared out of the blue after over two weeks of radio silence. I had told him I wasn’t having fun anymore and didn’t want to talk to him. Then he texted yesterday and told me he wanted to masturbate in his office (on a college campus — though not my college campus) and asked if I wanted a show. Out of boredom and wondering if he would really do it, I agreed to watch. He FaceTimed me, I sat there (fully clothed), and he did it. Seriously. He then texted hours later to say, “So I texted you out of the blue, what’s up with THAT?”

Last, I chatted briefly with Same Dude Different Day. Our dynamic has changed, but at least we are talking again every once in a while. I’ve been keeping him apprised of the Stripper Guy situation. He said the guy reminds him of Patrick Bateman. I think that is an accurate assessment and I’ve agreed to never be alone with Stripper Guy.

So far I am keeping all of the conversations straight, though I do sometimes forget what I’ve told one guy and not told another guy. How have super hot girls kept track of the multitude of men that converse with them?

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