Adroitly Balancing

I went on a legit date with a man in Ohio!1

Technically, he doesn’t belong to Ohio yet. This was a date with the corporate lawyer from Miami.

I drove an hour to meet him for sushi. Having previously driven three hours for a date at a museum that didn’t go that well, one hour was no big deal. I listened to Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up, which I would highly recommend to fans of comedy.

In any case, the sushi was good. At one point, I was left at the table while he went to the restroom. But he was taking an inordinate amount of time in there. When he walked out, he was in the company of an older man. The older man stopped at his table and made a big deal about writing his contact info on a napkin. My date returned to our table and said, “Don’t ask. I think I just bought a car.”

It turns out that my date struck up a conversation with the older man, the older man was not that right in the head, and kept going on about how my date needed a Ford. Out of politeness, my date did not abandon the old man or rush him or decline the man’s offer of contact information. That was nice of him, albeit a bit puzzling for me as I sat there, wondering if my date’s joke of skipping out on the check had been legitimate.

After dinner, we went to his hotel and we sat in the lobby with drinks procured from the hotel bar.

We talked for hours about a wide range of topics, some deep and philosophical, some joking and light-hearted back-and-forth. One thing I appreciated was that he saw my necklace – an aquamarine pendant (my birthstone) – and racked his brain to remember when I had said my birthday was at dinner in the course of a story.

He returns to Miami for about a week to get his things in order before he’ll move here. One of the main things we discussed was moving to Ohio from out-of-state for a job, away from your friends and family and the comforts of familiarity. He is very concerned about winter, but I reassured him that it was not that bad.

I was very impressed with my date. He is quite intelligent. We got along splendidly.

I sent him a text when I got home to let him know I arrived safely and he replied, “Excellent. I had a wonderful night!”

Me too!

I have a date with another man – the freelance photographer from Cleveland – on Friday or Saturday. Our conversation has continued and we do have a great rapport.

No idea what’s going to happen with these guys in the future. Perhaps nothing at all. Perhaps a dilemma is in store.

All I know is that it is a completely new experience for me.

1. I have technically gone on a date with another man in Ohio. He was nice, but it was awkward because he did not inform me until the end of the date that he was legally blind. I understand why he did not tell me ahead of time (people tend to believe that blind is the same as stupid), but then he wanted to take our date a step further after I drove him home and I was not into that. In other words, I felt I was put in a precarious position when I drove him home after our meal (he had walked there), as if that implied I was more interested in him than I was.

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