Final Appearance of Stripper Guy

I hope that this is the end of my interactions with Stripper Guy, although I am keeping his name and photo for if he ever ends up on the news for killing anyone a la American Psycho. 

He texted me out of the blue this afternoon, asking me what I was doing. When I replied that I wasn’t doing much and asked him about what he was doing, he told me he was in his office and he was horny. 😳🙄

I was honest with him. 

I told Stripper Guy that found it weird that the only time he spoke to me was when he wanted to get off. I get it, I said, but it makes me feel used and that’s not cool. 
Stripper Guy said “I’m fine with not talking anymore.” 

I told him I thought that would be for the best. I didn’t tell him that I thought that was good because I don’t want listen to him talk about Huey Lewis and the News as he chases me with an axe. 

Good fucking riddance.