Smart, Strong, Sensual Woman

I dressed as Tina Belcher for this Halloween. 

I wore my costume to a local restaurant’s Halloween shindig. I underestimated how loud the live band would be in a small space. It is very loud. 

L went with me. We ate, had a good time, but we didn’t hang around for the costume contest or prizes. As L has not fully moved here yet, he did not have a costume. I didn’t press it. 

As L came to my town, this meant he got to see my house and meet my fur babies for the first time. I was not too nervous about my house. I cleaned up and made sure it smelled good (Scentsy, etc.). 

L was so good with my fur babies. My dogs can be quite the attention whores. They don’t get to see other people very often, especially not on their turf. Finn loved him. Izzie liked him, too. Even my cat Loki was all up on L, and he normally hides from everyone. 

After the restaurant, L came back to my place. We watched Halloween episodes of Bob’s Burgers and, as it was getting late, he stayed over rather than make the hour drive back. 

Poor L had to experience Finn be super obnoxious. All. Night. Long. Finn was up and down and wanting in and out all the damn time. At least 10 times. As a big dog, he also has a very loud bark that can make you jump awake. L soldiered through it without complaint. In fact, Finn basically spooned with him in the morning and L sang to him. It was quite endearing. 

L and I went out to brunch at Cracker Barrel. We played that golf tee game back and forth. At the end of our meal, we stopped and played a round of checkers (I won). 

He drove me back to my house and he pondered why people live in Ohio given the weather. “This is why, I guess,” he said before laying down on my front lawn. We laid there and looked up my tree, most of the leaves still a verdant green. 

I told him my plans for the outside of my house, including the construction of my fence. We walked to the back of my property so L could get a perspective. 

Then he left and I went straight back to sleep. 

Later that evening, I told L about my surgery. He guessed it was something like that because a family member of his had a similar surgery. He told me to just let him know as I need things. I’m relieved that he reacted that way. I never know how people, especially those I’m interested in, will react. 

I didn’t bring up the whole “Calm down, W” thing. I believe that he didn’t intend for that to be such a shitty comment and the low blow follow up was probably trying to say “my bad” rather than rub it in. Hell, I’ve said things I didn’t mean. I’ve even said them to him. 

He also knows that I’m uneasy with the whole polyamory stuff, so when he received a text from a woman that night, he showed the text to me and explained that she was a friend. I appreciated that. With some of the numbers that are still in my phone, I’m not sure I’d be able to be as forthcoming were I to receive a text from them while out with him. 

In all, I’m feeling good about L. I like talking with him. We can have deep, intellectual conversations, but we can also talk comedy and other bullshit. He knows how to “yes and,” and even takes it in directions I don’t anticipate at all. 

I don’t have the same twitterpated feelings for L like I did for P. I think that might be a good thing. It seems like it might be more mature and reasoned. The image that comes to mind is this: one side has a pile of gift wrapped boxes, and you are so excited to open them, only to discover that they are mostly empty; the other side has fewer boxes, but each one is filled with something of value. 

Like, every time I would get up to take care of Finn in the middle of the night, my feet would be cold upon getting back into bed. He would wrap his warm legs around my cold feet to warm them up again. That fills a box right there. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what these other boxes hold. 

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