Bumbling Adventures

Funny story: I matched with a guy on Bumble on Saturday night. I knew that we had matched before, back in March. 

We even had a conversation at the time. He was incredibly thirsty and I was not yet experienced in the ways of swipe apps. It intimidated me and nothing happened. 

I do not think he realizes that I am the same person. Seriously. 

I went back through my messages with Same Dude Different Day, as he was (and still pretty much is) my sounding board on all things related to guys. March 10. I had even sent SDDD screenshots of this guy and his profile. 

Odd thing between this dude’s profile then and now — different schools. His one from March was Ohio University. His one now is Kent State. 🤔 According to my text with SDDD, I had done a Google Image search that checked out (thanks Catfish: The TV Show). The image search did not pan out this time. 

He still exhibits the same level of thirstiness. It’s the type of thirstiness that isn’t suave. It sort of reeks of desperation.