Slightly Smitten

smitten – adjective – to be really taken or pleased by someone

I am not twitterpated. And I actually think that is a good thing.

I’m talking about being slightly smitten with L, of course. And I am being oh, so incredibly cautious. I am tip-toeing.

I don’t know if this is how normal people do things. If they approach potential relationships with a healthy dose of trepidation or if they are 100% all-in from minute one, hour one, or day one.

I’ve already described our first, second, and third dates. I’ve written about how his dating history gives me pause and even how he has pissed me off.

When we had that discussion before our third date in which he addressed his dating history, I mentioned how I am not sure how normal people do things. Specifically, I wrote:

Like I said, we barely know each other still. It is unusual for me to be so uncertain after two dates and a month of communication. Perhaps it’s normal for people to still have some trepidation and I’m just the moron who is typically head-over-heels by this point (thus usually leading to massive disappointment and heartache).
Perhaps that’s revealing too much about myself. Meh.

His response was “Probably. But that’s ok.”

I remarked that I hoped it was not too disappointing to know that I was not completely and totally enamored with him and that he still had some work to do if that was an eventual goal. I acknowledged that I still had work to do as well if that was my goal, too.

He said that he was good with that and it seemed like an appropriate level of engagement at this point. He also told me I was free to check in about where his feelings are as often as I’d like.

Even this level of forthright communication is like, “Whaaaaaa?”

As I said, that was before our third date. I don’t know if he has decided to work toward getting me enamored with him. I am trying not to let myself jump to that conclusion, as tempting as it may be. He may very well be operating with the same goal of making friends and meaningful connections. He has, however, succeeded in getting me slightly smitten.

To that end, here are three small things that I liked and/or appreciated:

  • He had me find a song on his phone while he was driving. While I was doing that, a text from a lady popped up (I didn’t read it). When we got back to my place, he explained who the woman was and showed me the text message. I tried to blow it off like I didn’t really care, but I did.
  • He sang to my dogs. He sang to me, too. But I sing to my dogs a lot – they are my biggest fans – so I liked that.
  • He sent me a photo of himself at his graduation ceremony. When I asked why, he said it was because he was going through his photos and he remembered my graduation swag I have out on display.

And, so, I am slightly smitten.