Well, I told my students that if HRC won, I predicted a massive amount of backlash (racism, sexism, homophobia). I also think there would be political gridlock and prevented her agenda moving forward, even worse than it has been with Obama. 

I was with her. I was a member of the Pantsuit Nation:

Now that her win is looking unlikely (at least with the electoral college) and the legislative branch will be Republican controlled, I honestly don’t know what is ahead. Probably: More TRAP laws, a SCOTUS pick even worse than Scalia, the repeal of the ACA, immigration fucked, increased militarization of the police… 

I’ve got to hope that the Republicans who reluctantly endorsed Trump were doing so out of allegiance to their party rather than belief in the man and his values. Surely Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell think they can control him, right? 

Will we ever see his tax returns? Will he try to run for re-election in 2020? 

I was disappointed when Bush won. He was an idiot. But at least he had experience. I lived under him in Texas and I survived. The wars we got dragged into at the time… that was awful. But one of them was “justified” given 9-11. He fucked the economy, but we trudged through. 

I am not hopeful for the future. 

My school is entering contract negotiations and I feel like a Trump win will just bolster the administration against the faculty. There is already talk about insurance getting fucked. Who needs a benefit like insurance? That’s just an entitlement! Just take vitamin C, you weenies! 

The economy is already projected to be fucked in the morning. I’m worried about [nuclear] war. I’m worried about the economy. I’m worried about my friends and loved ones of color. I’m worried about my LGBTQ friends and loved ones. 

And women. WOMEN! HRC was super qualified! Trump is ultra sexist and repugnant! How can you not vote in your own interest, non-college educated women?! 

What the fuck. 

And we should have known with what happened with Brexit. Another thing that wasn’t thought possible. But it happened. It has been somewhat stopped. 

Maybe the electoral college delegates will change their minds between now and when they cast their votes in December. It’s happened before. 

I’m not having a visceral reaction yet. I might cry later. I did eat bread (aka my feelings). 


I need to break out my Post-Trump Pack from Cards Against Humanity. It includes: seed packet for cultivating new life, pesos, a Spanish translation card, and a small locket with a photograph of Former President Barack Obama. 

Even if by some miracle she pulls it off by the morning, it will not have been “clean” enough. There will be recounts. It will be 2000 all over again.