First of all, I would like to thank my friends who help me crowdsource my dating life. Y’all kept me from making a huge fool of myself by pointing out how utterly bizarre presenting a book of questions to a dude would be. Huge props (as the kids used to say) to y’all.

It took nearly all last week for me to finally see L. He was just here for a week, then it was back to Florida for Thanksgiving, then hopefully moving here December 1. To be honest, I am interested to see what exactly he brings with him aside from clothes and his car. He mentioned a couch and a Bowflex he is trying to decide whether to bring. As type type of person who nests and who bought furniture before moving into an apartment her freshman year of college, such minimalism – if it is indeed that – is foreign to me. Yes, I have many questions. But, I will say, having been to the apartment of a man in his 30s within the past two months, not having a lot of furniture does not seem all that bizarre. Think a step above the situation when Chandler and Joey basically just had lawn chairs in their apartment for an entire season on Friends.


In any case, we did not have a traditional date. I went to his hotel room, we hung out. He did some work stuff that came up and packed for his return trip. And we had wonderful conversation.

He asks me deep questions and challenges me. I like that. We had a legitimate conversation about the nature of men’s and women’s sex toys and whether or not they were dehumanising/objectifying and whether men or women were more liberated sexually (in terms of being able to use and/or discuss such toys). We talked about income inequality and things we could change about the world. We talked Thanksgiving and family.

At one point, I think he asked me if I liked him and I went “Ehhhh,” playfully. I asked him the same in return and he went, “Ehhhh.”

He invited me to stay the night, but I was unable to since I had my puppies in their crates at home. As I was getting ready to leave, he asked me if I would still love him if he lost three limbs. He went into detail about the limbs and how they would be amputated, but my mind went “whoosh” when he dropped the L-word. I fully realize that he was playing and it does not mean the same as the three little words. I asked him the same in turn and he smiled as he said he wouldn’t, then he said he would.

As I was about to walk out the door, I asked him point blank if I texted him too much. He told me that I didn’t and that he realizes he isn’t good about replying to texts. He admitted that he is even worse when he is in Florida because he is often distracted by family that wants to spend a lot of time with him before he leaves for Ohio.

I have a good feeling about where L and I am right now, but I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself. I feel very protective of myself. I’m trying to steel myself against this all falling apart, especially since he has not officially moved here yet. But I am nevertheless quite smitten. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

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