Now that we are nearly 24 hours into 2017, I feel like I can safely reflect back on 2016. 

Here is some of the stuff I did or happened to me:

  • Recovered from the surgery on my right foot
  • Completely revamped my front yard’s flower beds (with help from my mom)
  • Saw Beyoncé in concert!
  • Had a VSG and have gotten below 200 pounds (at least before escapades in Texas… I haven’t checked recently)
  • Desperately wanted Hillary to win, disappointed at the loss
  • Taught 10 courses total, plus capstone students
  • Saw Green Day in concert
  • Talked to many guys, went on more than a few dates
  • Went to Seattle
  • Saw Post Secret: Live, Fun Home, Flight of the Conchords, and Bo Burnam
  • Got a new tattoo (Texas wildflowers on my left calf)
  • Saw The Daily Show with Trevor Noah live in Cleveland
  • Made new friends
  • Turned 30! 
  • Finished my first year of no credit cards 

For 2017, I am looking forward to getting at least two manuscripts submitted, the Women’s March on Washington, the Wonder Woman movie, seeing Green Day in March, and my parents coming up to Ohio at the same time. Dare I say – my backyard fence being completed?! 

I’d like to get back to Texas in the summer. I’d like to start saving money (Mandy needs a new car). 

I’m not going to reflect on past posts in which I laid out plans for the year. Those are depressing. 

I also don’t consider those lists above to be resolutions. Some of them are scheduled. The others are things I’d like to do. I’m not going to make a resolution statement about working out or eating or not being an asshole. 

I just hope that this year doesn’t suck. I’m setting a super high standard.