Mixture of Good and Bad

For every hit, I find I get at least a million misses. Okay, I exaggerate, but it feels like that. 

First up, we have a miss:

Zen was a Buddhist (no, his name was not really Zen). He had just turned 29 in December and was starting a master’s program in public health online. We chatted for a few days and scheduled a date for Sunday, after I got back from the Women’s March. 

By that Friday, he cancelled. He said that his master’s program was more work than he had anticipated; therefore he could not meet me for a date. 

Second, another miss:

Rod and I started talking on Monday. He asked me out for Thursday night. I was hesitant – Rod was 36 and had a daughter. Nevertheless, I was willing to give it a shot. 

Until he didn’t talk to me for the remainder of the week. Maybe he finally read my profile and saw I don’t want kids. Maybe it was because I pointed out he had no full body picture on his profile and asked if he had robot legs. All I know of that my messages were read but were unanswered. Bye Rod. 

Third, a hit (sort of):

Mitt and I started talking on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, I think. I mentioned we could take my dogs hiking. We talked more on Thursday and agreed to meet Friday evening. He lives in Pittsburgh and doesn’t have a car (they have decent public transportation there and he has housemates), so I drove out there. 

We had a good time! Peruvian food, lots of conversation. He has a postdoc and is brilliant (Ivy league alum). Played Thurn and Taxis. Talked some more. 

Because he’s a postdoc, he’s looking for something more permanent job-wise. In fact, he is looking across the country. He doesn’t know if he’ll be gone in 6 months or 18 months. Basically, there’s no long-term potential, yet he still went on the date with me (I knew about it before the date – he didn’t lead me on). Imagine that! We intend to be remain friends, though… and, yeah, friends that make-out sometimes. 

The search still continues, but at least I can take solace in knowing not all guys are so utterly flakey.