Profile Photos

I am of a mind to do new profile photos for my online dating profile. 

The problem is getting someone to shoot pictures of me that are casually posed. That is, nothing that looks more appropriate for a high school senior shoot than something meant to attract men to date me. 

Advice I’ve read online and in Modern Romance emphasizes showing that you’re fun(!) and flirty(!) and do activities(!). Spend more time, effort and energy on photos than on your profile, I’m told. 

These are the types of photos I think I need for my profile:

Reading a Book with Flirty Eyes

Why: I am a scholar and I like to read. My eyes can be flirty. The book might be Bad Feminist or Yes Please or something by Christopher Moore. 

Walking my Dogs While Smiling

Why: My pets are a big part of my life and they bring me joy. 

Wearing a graphic t-shirt with a jacket, looking like a badass

Why: Because I’m an intellectual badass and I have a ton of graphic t-shirts

One leg on wall – BUT my other leg because it shows off my tattoo – I’d wear Wonder Woman converse. And my face would be visible (obviously). Maybe protest sign to the side if that’s not too much. 

Why: Shows that I have tattoos, I like Wonder Woman, and super cool – and, if I include the protest sign, how I spend some of my time. 

Super silly picture

Why: To show that I’m silly and fun!

Playing a Game With Friends – but the focus is on me and the other people are sort of blurred out

Why: To show I enjoy playing games and being social and have friends

Genuine, unforced smile and laugh

Why: Looks incredibly cute

Medium, colorful shot

Why: According to Hey Saturday, “The types of photos that receive the most interest are medium shots like the girl in the photo directly [above]. The reason for this, according to eHarmony’s matching team, is that you can actually get a good sense of the person’s body type and see them in some context with their surroundings.”


I have ideas for outfits I will wear. I’m not sure about locations. 

I don’t have a photographer either, mostly because I am not sure I can find one that will allow me to change my outfits multiple times and do various situations and not charge $300-400.