Boys Who Smell Good

I have a thing for guys who smell good. It think it harkens back to my junior high days when my crush Jesse wore Tommy Boy cologne and the scent drove me wild. 

So when Ice Cream Guy – I can’t remember if I gave him a pseudonym earlier or not – arrived at my front door and he smelled so good (just fresh; maybe it was a deodorant), I was very happy. 

I sat close to him as we played a board game. Inhales. Then we cuddled as we watched a movie. Inhales. And we went out to eat then came back and cuddled as we watched stand-up on Netflix. Inhales. We made-out. Inhales.
I got high, basically, on boy smell. 

I think I’ve Cream Guy is a bit overwhelmed with me for many reasons. 

First, I have a PhD and a career. He has a job and some college. I explained the difference between a teacher and a professor to him. And, from his description of himself as a student, I would have hated him. 

Second, I think my sex-related decor sort of intimidated him. As if my fascination with sex and sexuality translated into prowess. It does not. I am also more forward and open about talking about such things and I don’t think he’s used to that at all. 

Third, he doesn’t seem to have much experience dating. I don’t know how I’ve explained my dating history, but mine is… shit? He’s divorced. He left a four-year-long relationship just under a year ago. His previous relationships were friends that transitioned into something more and we met via Tinder, so not that. As a result, I am taking the lead sort of and that is fine, but I don’t know if I’m doing anything right. 

He also told me this evening that he has a kid. He’s the first guy I’ve ever dated who has a kid. Not sure how to process that. 

Fourth, our interests somewhat overlap in that we are both geeks, but he is more of the gamer variety where as I am not. He’s already ignored me a bit in favor of a game. 

I do like Ice Cream Guy. He is sweet. We are both introverts, geeks,  and overthinkers. I think he is cute. And, yes, he smells good. 

Same Dude Different Day thinks he will get more comfortable over time. 

I’m just wanting to have fun at this point, but the reason he disclosed that he has a kid is because he feels things are progressing quickly. I feel like I need to slam on the proverbial brakes. I’m interested in him, but I don’t really see anything long term. I didn’t think it would be time for the DTR talk so soon. 

Damn he smelled good.