Second Date

My second date with Steve was three days after the first.

I was apprehensive about having him meet me at my house, but I couldn’t think of anywhere else as practical given that my plans involved many places and not a central location.

He came up my steps with a box in hand. I had no idea what it was. It turned out to be a cream horn. A cream horn basically as big as my head. It is basically like a croissant with a shit ton of cream in it. He asked me if I liked cream horn, I said I didn’t know what that was, so he remedied that.

This picture is from the day after. The ends had been removed from either side. My hand is resting on it to give some perspective.

Steve met my dogs. Finn flipped out as usual whenever he meets someone new. Izzie, surprisingly, jumped up onto Steve as if to ask for a hug like she does to me.

Steve told me that, as it was his day off, he had zero plans and everything was up to me.

Time was of the essence and we soon departed to go to pick strawberries at a local farm. It was the first day for strawberry picking and, fortunately, we made it to the field in time. When the woman in charge of leading us to the spot to pick asked us whether we wanted small, sweet berries or larger berries like you buy at the store, Steve asked where the spicy berries were. Ha! He also joked that normally manual labor is saved for the fourth date. Haha!

After we filled our quart-sized baskets, we went to the farm’s store. I bought a quart of fresh apple cider and some homemade doughnuts for us to share later. Steve bought peanut butter marshmallow spread and two other things I can’t quite remember. The store was mesmerizing.

It was about time for lunch and I asked what Steve would like, type-of-food-wise. He said Mediterranean, but the place that came to my mind was a local Middle Eastern place. I had been there before, though I couldn’t quite remember what I had ordered. Steve really liked the place, especially the hummus and the hot cinnamon tea. My chicken shawarma was not what I had previously… and I ate too much of the hummus at the table… so it came home as leftovers. At one point during our meal, Steve asked me to tell him a funny story. My mind went completely blank. Steve is an excellent story-teller and I felt really bad that I couldn’t come up with one. Not even a single story, let alone a funny one. Part of my job is to tell stories — I use them as examples. I made up some bullshit excuse like that I can sometimes tell other people’s stories better and that I write my stories down and then they aren’t as salient in my mind… It was embarrassing.

Post-meal, we returned to my place to drop off food as well as get some board games. No lie, I was seriously wanting a nap by that point. Not that I was bored or anything, but my energy was waning. I drove through Starbucks for some much-needed caffeine before our next stop.

We went to the local comic book store to scope out what was there as well as utilize their game room. I was sorely tempted by many things, but my financial situation had not drastically changed between the arts festival and the visit to the comics store (note: I’m not constantly broke; however, my flower beds took any “extra” money early in the month). We eventually went to the game room to play the two games we brought: Oregon Trail and Fisticuffs.

Oregon Trail was fun, but we never made it to Oregon. One of the aspects of the computer game missing from the board game is that the supplies don’t necessarily dwindle as you go down the trail. They dwindle as a result of calamities. I like that it is fairly cooperative, though.

Fisticuffs – a game I purchased from a Kickstarter – was complicated. The first complication was having just two players. The second complication was with the order of the cards and what we were and weren’t allowed to do. I thought it would be like Uno – matching colors, numbers, or types – but it was so much more involved. We started making up rules. It might have been useful to watch the tutorial. Or to simply have more people.

We left the game shop as Magic players started to pour in and we went to the grocery store because Steve wanted to see how the Ohio liquor selection compared to Pennsylvania’s. Steve is a fan of novelty foods and drinks, so I pointed out Smirnoff’s new patriotic liquor. He bought it and spoke of dipping Fireworks Oreos in it… which I don’t get, but it’s not my tastebuds.

As there was still some time to kill before needing to arrive at the main event of our date – a show – we went to Barnes & Noble. I was wanting a special edition of Entertainment Weekly focused on Wonder Woman. Steve, being tall, spotted it for me. Yay! I was, however, kept from buying more things because I am broke (I used a gift card to purchase said magazine and a tiny WW keychain).

I drove Steve and myself through the local park on our way to the playhouse. We sang songs from The Book of Mormon. Seriously. We sang songs in my car. How awesome is that?!

It was opening night for the playhouse’s latest show, “Greater Tuna.” I had seen a Tuna show performed by the original actors many, many, many years ago. I think it was “Tuna Christmas.” In any case, the premise of the show is that it is many characters in a small Texas town, both a satire of and appreciation for small Texas town life. I did not think it would be so dark in subject matter… one plot line includes poisoning a dog and running it over in order to cover up the poisoning. The actresses in the play (it was gender-flipped) were absolutely great, but it was not bust-a-gut funny like I thought it would be. Still, for community theater, it was very well done.

We drove through Burger King on the way back to my house, as we were both quite hungry and wanted something cheap and fast. We ate it as we watched Bill Maher make his (necessary) mea culpas and as Izzie whined incessantly. Dessert was part of the cream horn.

I had a lot of fun and Steve said he did, too. It definitely was busy and unlike any other date I’ve ever had.

I’m turning the strawberries into a strawberry pie. I made the filling the day after the date. I’m glad it’s frozen because I’m planning to share the pie with Steve. I’m not sure if “Steve” is checking in on my blog, though I am getting more activity than usual on my page. If he is, he just found out I’m sharing the pie with him. Spoilers.