Well. Steve didn’t last long.

I assume it’s done as he hasn’t spoken to me in over 24 hours and our third date didn’t go that well.

The final blow, so to speak, apparently was my not wanting him to talk shit about Apple.

I am a fan of Apple products. I am typing this on a MacBook. I have an iMac. My work computer is an iMac. I use an iPhone. I have two Apple TVs. I have an iPad. My next car, if it has a super duper computer system thing, will hopefully not be Windows-based.

I have encountered quite a few men who are not only fans of PCs, but feel an intense need to make it known how much “better,” in their opinion, PCs are to Apple products. It is the type of conversation that tends to be patronizing. It does not lead me to change my mind.

I used PCs for the first 21 years of my life. I’ve used non-iPhones, from Nokias to Motorolas to Samsungs. It is not like I am unfamiliar with PCs. I have even run Windows on my MacBook (I hated having to do that, but when you need to use software that has not migrated to Apple in order to run data analysis for your dissertation, you do what you have to do). I don’t do gaming. I don’t give a shit about souping-up my computer post-factory. I do like graphic design. I do like my products lasting a fairly long time (my first MacBook got me through grad school and it still runs, albeit I’ve retired it). I appreciate Apple’s customer service. I like how intuitive the OS is. I like having my devices connected. I could go on and on. It wasn’t that I was taken in by their marketing and pretty colors, as some PC-bros have claimed when getting on their high horses in the past. I also do not give a shit about how I could use this or that in order to get a similar experience to what I have with Apple.1

The reason Apple came up at all is because my phone died. It was an iPhone 6S that I got back in September 2015. It was acting squirrelly, then it just stopped working, period. I had to spend three hours in the Apple Store in Akron on Sunday, first trying to diagnose and repair my old phone, then trying to upgrade to a new iPhone. It was quite unpleasant, exacerbated by 1) the fact that I could not make or receive texts or calls on my old phone, 2) I no longer carry major credit cards, and 3) I am on my family’s cell phone plan.

I explained the many, many steps it took to get a new phone and Steve’s response was that he wouldn’t have put up with that.2 I pointed out that my options were limited – I could either pay $129 to try to repair my old phone with no guarantee, get a burner phone somewhere, or upgrade my phone.

Steve said he “doesn’t have to deal with Apple’s planned obsolescence.”

I told him not to shit on Apple. He said okay, then I explained my reasoning: I am well-acquainted with men’s opinions about Apple, especially those of men who build their own computers.

Then he shat on Apple again. Or I considered him to be shitting on Apple again.

I went off, stating that I don’t have to justify my choices to anyone or listen to another man’s diatribe as he shits all over Apple and its products.

… And that was that. No response.

Now, how could it have gone differently? Well, if Steve had simply said, “Oh man, that sucks. I’m sorry you had to spend three hours getting a new phone.” I had made it clear it was a touchy subject, yet I felt the bear was poked anyway (or, as the gifs below show, direwolf). And then the silence.

Like, if he can’t handle the chewing out (it wasn’t even a chewing out; it was more like a flashing of teeth) related to something fairly inconsequential like that, I don’t imagine he’d be able to handle me when I am livid and rabid.


Just flashing fangs!


I wasn’t even chomping!

There were some other things that lead me to think it’s over, but as Steve discovered my blog and this is public, I don’t care to go into them like I might had I remained undiscovered.


My reaction to some of the unmentioned other things.

Suffice it to say, I ultimately don’t think we were that good of a match, even though I thought it was really, really promising in the beginning. Basically, my friends who I have apprised of more details have gone from “Girl, that’s so awesome” to “Girrrrrrrllllll.”

I did change my OKCupid username, though. Lesson learned.

1. I know about Dropbox and Google Drive. I use them both. I don’t consider them as convenient as iCloud.

2. My dad had a similar reaction. His was not anti-Apple based, but was rather based on the bureaucracy and general pain-in-the-ass-ness of the experience.