As a follow up to my forecast post, I would like to proclaim that I am as accurate as a meteorologist. That is, I am not.

I do not have a date this weekend. The date was preempted by Ohio State football.

But let’s back up.

I mentioned to Same Dude Different Day that this guy told me he needed to check his schedule then would let me know about Saturday. Same Dude Different Day told me that he had used the same “going to check my schedule” excuse to blow girls off. Grrrrrrreat.

So I was already primed to be blown off.

Then I get the message that the guy received a last minute invite to an Ohio State game.

I will be honest, reader. I was not thrilled. I had a range of reactions in my mind, including:

  • “Boy, bye.”
  • “Mmhmm.”
  • “Good luck with that.”
  • “So I guess that’s where your priorities lie.”
  • “I suppose I can’t compete with men in tight pants.”
  • “What the fuck, man?! I have been trying to schedule a second date with you for over a week. Not cool.”
  • “I’m reallllllllllly disappointed.”
  • “That’s great! I’m so happy for you.” (This would be masking my real reaction in an effort to appear like a cool girl who is totally fine with everything).

Pretend that those were said into a mirror, Issa Rae style.

What did I actually reply?


He reiterated the last minute nature of the invite and how he’s never gotten to go to an Ohio State game before. I complained to  my best friend about it and she told me Ohio State tickets are hard to come by and that she would probably blow me off, too, if given the opportunity to go to a Buckeye game.

I also don’t know how much of a “right” I had to be upset or disappointed. It’s not like we had cemented plans and it’s just a second date. It’s not like I wanted to guilt him into choosing me over the game.

After a few hours, I conveyed that I was bummed, but that I understood it was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up and that I hope he enjoyed himself.

He apologized. A lot. I got the sense that he didn’t take the decision lightly and I appreciated that. He confirmed that he had been looking forward to seeing me. And he asked what I’m doing next weekend. We’re both free, so maybe it might work out. I reiterated that I hope he has fun at the game.

Basically, I rose above my petty, immature, passive aggressive gut reactions. I demonstrated that I’m flexible and reasonable, but also that I have feelings, too, that deserve to be taken into account.

And I really do hope he has fun this Saturday.