My best friend informed me that, in looking at my posts and my statuses, I make dating too hard. 

She cannot believe I track things like what number the dates are. 

And above all, if it doesn’t work out, then he’s not the guy for me. 

I need to stop overthinking. 

I need to go with the flow. 

I need to just be my awesome self and things will follow from there. 

Don’t worry about it because if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. If not, then I’ll find out and move on. 

I should note, I’m well aware that my blog could be discovered one day. 

If that happens, here we go:

Hello. Welcome. We’ve met.

This is my blog where I write about my life, especially my trials and tribulations in my love life. And some insecurities. And body stuff. 

You may notice a trend in that I engage in overthinking, then overthink my overthinking. You’d like to believe that by documenting this process, I would grow and change and not do it anymore. Au contraire, my friend. 

This blog isn’t meant to embarrass, nor is it meant to document everything. Some people know about it. Most don’t. 

I hope it doesn’t make you feel weird. I feel weird enough. I’d like to consider myself a blogger in the vein of The Bloggess. I offer absolutely zero advice, but I love Ask Polly and Captain Awkward’s answers because they are so forthcoming and open about their lives and challenges. 

In an ideal world, your response to finding this website will be, “It’s cute that you were thinking that” or something equally unhorrified. 

I am somewhat self-conscious about having laid so much out here, but it’s a part of me. And hopefully you like me enough to accept all parts of me, even the somewhat fucked up bits. After all, I’m looking for someone who makes me feel like the things that are patently fucked up about me are actually thrilling and vital and somehow matter. And who likes dat ass, of course. 

Let’s talk about it.