I’m awake because I drank tea too late in the evening, plus my sleep schedule is fucked. Oh well.

Dave is passed out beside me, gently snoring-ish.

Before Dave, I had a hard time falling asleep whenever I shared my bed with someone (regardless if they were family, friend, or other). With him, I can fall asleep just fine… when I’m not caffeinated. I also appreciate that he is accommodating of my need to have the TV on.

I spoil Dave a bit, I’ll admit it. He’s my guy! I think it is part of my Leslie Knope-iness. Maybe my love language is gifts, I don’t know. I also like words of affirmation a lot. I was eternally grateful for his act of service – he picked up my dad’s Christmas present because I foolishly had it sent to store rather than shipped to my house. He’s going to help me clear my driveway!

I promise this site won’t become the Dave show. But as many of my posts were about my love life, it’s only appropriate that I talk about him. Besides, we have been apart at the holidays!

Tonight, Dave and I talked about our more embarrassing moments from when we were teenagers. I shared things that I definitely was not proud of, but I reassured him that I’ve grown since those days of foolishness.

One of the many things I find so different and refreshing about Dave is that I don’t feel like I have to have a facade or worry about disclosing things to him. Before him, I no doubt would have fretted about such disclosures. But I know that Dave loves me for me – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Maybe I have a false sense of security and will regret that I shared so much of myself, but in the meantime, it just feels right to tell him these things about me.

I also warned him that he hasn’t seen my more ugly, petulant, passive aggressive, high anxiety, grumpy sides. I am somewhat confident that I won’t scare him off with those, but that I would fathom showing them to someone I’m dating without fear is a good sign, I think.

We talked about my meeting his parents. I’m the first girl he will have brought home! It may happen a little over a month from now. We’ll see!

I neglected to mention in my previous part that we went grocery shopping together for the first time on Saturday. He was kind enough to drive, as my car is still a tornado of dog hair. It went well. He drove the cart and followed me around as I picked up various things.

Other domestic things accomplished include that he cleared my driveway and deck of snow. He took out my trash when I asked him. He also did my dishes and picked up clutter around my house while I was gone. I didn’t even ask that he pick up my house – he just did it. He regularly ushers my dogs in and out of the backyard.

So, perhaps I’m the spoiled one.

I just appreciate that we don’t have to be on or do things all the time. I worked on setting up my online course. He worked on applying to jobs. We sat next to each other on the couch and had the TV on to American Vandal. We went out and played trivia at his regular place, then came back.

Dave left this evening rather than Monday morning so that he could avoid any bad weather.

It is good to feel so completely loved by someone. He’s quirky and I’m sure some of his quirks will drive me nuts someday, but as I tell him, he is my dork.