Not So Depressing Valentine’s Day

My mom told me today that she was glad to know that my Valentine’s Day this year did not make me depressed. Indeed, it was something new and different!

Despite my lack of posts, Dave and I are still together! I’ve just been very busy, from getting the semester underway to working on a project (and drama with said project), to pulling my pre-tenure portfolio together.

Last weekend was quite eventful!

First, I adopted a new puppy! His name is Trevor and he is perfect. He is allegedly a year old lab mix, but he does not appear to have any lab in him. He is a medium-sized brown and wiggly dog with a curly tail. He is basically potty-trained. He sits on command. He is incredibly smart. He has only destroyed dog toys.

Second, I met Dave’s parents and one of his brothers (as well as some cousins and family friends). I think it went well! His mom said that I’m a treasure. I think the meeting went much better than previous experiences meeting parents I’ve had. I wasn’t asked if I am saved or told that I shouldn’t vote because I’m not a republican.

Third, I felt stronger in the pool during triathlon training. I still don’t know that I’m very good at all. I still need to pace myself.

As far as Valentine’s goes, I gave Dave a coffee maker, filters, and coffee. Also some Reese’s, peanut butter Oreos, and his very own bottle of Zyrtec. And a card.

He gave me chocolate-covered strawberries he made himself and a dozen red roses. They were delicious and beautiful, respectively.

On Valentine’s evening, Dave came over. We spent the evening together working on stuff (I had taught my three-hour night course and was not exactly energetic), then he spent the night.

I am continually amazed that Dave not only enjoys my company, but that he makes efforts to spend time with me. He is interested! Such a drastic difference from my experience last year, in which I was trying to get a man (or men) to reciprocate feelings for me. It fucking sucked to constantly doubt myself and feel that I had to ingratiate myself in order to be liked beyond just physically.

I am very happy.