My mom put my flower garden in nearly a year ago while I was recovering from my weight loss surgery.  I love my flower garden. Like my mom, I find gardening to be a form of self-care. I treasure being able to see the colors bloom. I love coming home at the end of the [...]

Fuck Gustavo Offely

Initially I was going to title this "Dear Gustavo," but dear is usually a term used with a certain sort of care, even if used sarcastically.  Fuck you.  I don't know you. The only reason I can surmise as to why you decided to message me on Facebook would be because I stood up for [...]


I am tempted to join a dating site or app again. Part of me realizes that it is just for a distraction and a way to procrastinate rather than work on syllabi or manuscripts, etc. I have a tendency to get obsessive about those things in a way that I never manage to get with, [...]