A Bit Brighter

The election results tonight have me feeling a bit better about the world. Just a bit. I still find it hard to believe that my country’s president is who it is. Fuck.  It is also difficult to feel even brighter because the gun control laws are as horrendous as they are and mass shooting have [...]

Keeping the World Free of Foo

I just got home from the Foo Fighters concert in Cincinnati. The concert itself was fun.  Other stuff around it was stressful.  I purchased parking in advance using StubHub. It was $28 for a location .7 mile from the venue ($8 was service fee) . Given that parking usually costs $20 for concerts, I accepted [...]

Long Week

My week is nearly over. The work part of it is complete, at least the part I have to do with clothes on in front of others. Grading and course prep don’t require such formalities.  It has been very rough.  This skin care regimen makes me feel like my face is burned. My face is [...]


My best friend informed me that, in looking at my posts and my statuses, I make dating too hard.  She cannot believe I track things like what number the dates are.  And above all, if it doesn’t work out, then he’s not the guy for me.  I need to stop overthinking.  I need to go [...]

Hashtag Blessed

I have had the first day (Syllabus Day) in all of my courses for the semester and for some reason I've got some warm fuzzies going on. You might call it #blessed. So I'm going to reflect on some of those things.  First, I am teaching courses that I love. This is my eighth year [...]


In a brief reprieve from my dating life (of lack thereof), allow me to talk about my cats.  This is not a euphemism.  I have two cats - Loki and Bartleby. They are both 13 years old.  I found Loki in 2004 outside of my parents' house. He was hiding out in the woods. Tiny [...]


My mom put my flower garden in nearly a year ago while I was recovering from my weight loss surgery.  I love my flower garden. Like my mom, I find gardening to be a form of self-care. I treasure being able to see the colors bloom. I love coming home at the end of the [...]

On My Own

There's a song in Les Miserables in which Eponine is dreaming of walking next to her crush, Marius. They're in love and she sings about how her heart is empty when he is not around. It's called "On My Own." You could find it in heavy rotation on my iPod a long time ago. Not [...]


While I do get head colds every so often, I don't get super sick very often as an adult.  I mainly attribute this to not having or working with children. Kids, god love em, have a lot of stuff going on. Usually snot-related.  So, when I get sick, I struggle with actually taking rest to [...]

Mixture of Good and Bad

For every hit, I find I get at least a million misses. Okay, I exaggerate, but it feels like that.  First up, we have a miss: Zen was a Buddhist (no, his name was not really Zen). He had just turned 29 in December and was starting a master's program in public health online. We [...]