Broadening Scope

I recently started with a new therapist and I decided we needed to start work on my dating life.  I told her about a few of my standards - college education, employment, no kids - and she is encouraging me to consider broadening them. One thing, for example, would be to say "maybe" in response [...]


Now that we are nearly 24 hours into 2017, I feel like I can safely reflect back on 2016.  Here is some of the stuff I did or happened to me: Recovered from the surgery on my right foot Completely revamped my front yard's flower beds (with help from my mom) Saw Beyonc√© in concert! [...]


My semester is nearing its end. Soon I'll be posting final grades and deciding what to take with me on my drive to Texas.  I need to start - and complete - many Christmas gifts. Perhaps my homemade Christmas should have started sooner. Perhaps I need to just buy small gifts after I get paid [...]


Well, I told my students that if HRC won, I predicted a massive amount of backlash (racism, sexism, homophobia). I also think there would be political gridlock and prevented her agenda moving forward, even worse than it has been with Obama.  I was with her. I was a member of the Pantsuit Nation: Now that [...]

Unity Music

On Monday, I drove to Detroit.  My mother, who has no sense of Geography - she once asked what state was above Ohio and worried about driving into the ocean when leaving the Cleveland airport - was surprised to learn that it is only 3.5 hours away. Everything is much closer here than in Texas. [...]


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Seattle! Going there, the only things I knew for sure was that I was going to attend the American Sociological Association conference, would present there, and would be getting a tattoo. I actually had not planned on rejoining Tinder until I started listening to Amy Schumer's Girl With the [...]


Dallas is my city.  I grew up about twenty minutes south of Dallas. I did my undergrad and master's at UT Dallas. Some of my best friends live in its suburbs.  I love its culture. I love its people.  And the entire city is hurting. I have cried.  I am so frustrated at the senselessness [...]


I am a procrastinator. Huge procrastinator. It has become a part of my M.O. Sometimes it is justified because the thing I am putting off requires more thought and energy than I am capable of devoting to it at the time. Case in point: spending my start-up funds. I started my job in Fall 2014. [...]

It’s Good to Be Queen

For the past few years, I have bought Cards Against Humanity's holiday offering. The only things I have not bought from them have been the game priced $5 more, literal bullshit, and nothing. I "own" a 1 square foot part of a private island in Maine called "Hawaii 2" thanks to Cards Against Humanity. I also [...]

Turning 30

I turn 30 this year. I think I have accomplished a lot for my age. I've earned my PhD. I own a house. I am raising two dogs and two cats and they seem to be doing okay. I've traveled abroad - England, Italy, Switzerland, Ghana, Togo, and Canada. I have my dream job -- [...]