Still Sickeningly Sweet

My god we are so fucking cute. We can hardly stand it. Let me tell you about this past week. On Tuesday, I went to my 18-month post-op appointment and was called a "super star." Nice. Because I was in the area, I went to get my tires rotated at Discount Tire. Alas, two tires [...]

Into Him

I am really into Dave, y'all. And the weird thing is that he is into me, too. He thinks I'm the bees knees. Well, he hasn't used that exact phrase, but I imagine he'd concur. I don't think this is what it felt like before. I know it's not fair to compare a current relationship [...]


I've got a boyfriend! The man from the last post asked me to be his girlfriend. His name is Dave. I know, right? Craziness. He demonstrates in every way that he is interested in me and it is mind blowing just how much of a difference that makes. I do question the speed at which [...]


Here's something crazy for you. I've met a guy who doesn't cause me to overthink or second-guess myself! No - really! And he is human and real! And he owns a car! And has a college degree! And he likes me! He describes himself as a sort of Ben Wyatt (be still my heart!). And [...]

A Bit Brighter

The election results tonight have me feeling a bit better about the world. Just a bit. I still find it hard to believe that my country’s president is who it is. Fuck.  It is also difficult to feel even brighter because the gun control laws are as horrendous as they are and mass shooting have [...]

Jaw Breakers

The title is because jaw breakers are my favorite candy and it is Halloween.  My least favorite candy? Probably Dots. Those are the poor man’s jelly beans and they suck.  Anyway, I’ve been in conversation with a new guy. We matched on Bumble. No plans for meeting yet. He lives two hours away. Works at [...]

Men of Match

I don’t think men read my Match profile. If they did, they might realize I am definitely not for them.  Here are some examples of men who have shown interest in me on Match over the past week. Not messaged me, just shown interest.  These are their written profiles. I am not including pictures or [...]

Glorious Shit

One of the things Ask Polly recommends to her reader is that they take stock of their lives:  You have to be optimistic, be patient, write down everything you’re grateful for every night, and remember that you will look back on this time as one of the most important times of your life. You’ll look [...]

Better Than

Here's the thing: I am much better than alcohol. I know I am. I'm brilliant, fun, and witty. I'm sexy. I'm intriguing. I have depth. I'm warm and sweet. I'm feisty. I'm thoughtful. I'm independent and stubborn. But I'm not as convenient as alcohol. I require effort. Against all sanity, I engaged in a sort [...]

Rotten Egg

He had disclosed to me about a month ago that he was an alcoholic. I asked him to elaborate and it seemed, from his description, that he binged on the weekends. Mainly did it socially.  Okay, fine, whatever.  Then tonight, he told me he has a much more substantial problem. In fact, he puts alcohol [...]