Final Appearance of Stripper Guy

I hope that this is the end of my interactions with Stripper Guy, although I am keeping his name and photo for if he ever ends up on the news for killing anyone a la American Psycho.  He texted me out of the blue this afternoon, asking me what I was doing. When I replied [...]


Now the insecurity seeps in. Hello, old friend. I think you are the Gollum to my confidence's Smeagol. I replay the dates I've had in my mind. The things I said, the jokes I made, whether I disclosed too much, whether I should have asked more poignant questions. I think of what things I liked [...]


Since I rejoined Tinder, I have re-connected with one of the guys who I had chatted with this past Spring. This guy in particular had a pattern: arrange to meet up, silence close to the date of the arranged meet up, no meet up took place, profuse apologies and excuses, new arrangement... and so on. [...]


I've been online dating on and off for a long time. A long time. Over 10 years, in fact. Over that time, I have had many online flings. By that, I mean, having conversations with men. Sometimes they get sexual. Many times they don't. The men love talking to me online. When I breach the [...]

Flakes! Now with More Flakiness!

I flake out on people. Actually, it is more that I flake out on events. I try not to flake out on people, especially my friends. Sometimes I'm just not up to being around people. Sometimes it's that the drive is too far. Sometimes it's that my bed is so more more inviting. That being [...]