Future Mrs. RootyPoo

I made an impulsive decision to join Match the other night. What prompted this decision was that I received the following message in OKCupid: It was that message that made me think that perhaps I needed to be on a service that, in theory, was taken more seriously. People have to pay to read and [...]

Mixture of Good and Bad

For every hit, I find I get at least a million misses. Okay, I exaggerate, but it feels like that.  First up, we have a miss: Zen was a Buddhist (no, his name was not really Zen). He had just turned 29 in December and was starting a master's program in public health online. We [...]

Running Together

I'm talking to someone on Tinder that I once spoke with months ago, perhaps even over a year ago. The problem is -- I can't remember why it ended the first time.  I don't mean that in a "oh he's so amazing, why did I ever left him go" sort of way. I mean that [...]

Brief Dalliance and Deal Breakers

S and I were matched on New Year's Eve, but I was out and about having a good time, so I didn't initiate conversation.  He eventually initiated conversation (gasp). And we were clicking. I liked many of the things he was saying, such as  that relationships need give and take, that he didn't want to [...]

Daredevil Flakes

My coffee date didn't happen on Friday.  It took all day to receive a message about sickness. Which, you know, sucks. Apologies given. No reschedule as of yet.  Many things went through my mind as I waited to receive any sort of news. You see, I know something about this guy - I'll call him [...]

Bumbling Adventures

Funny story: I matched with a guy on Bumble on Saturday night. I knew that we had matched before, back in March.  We even had a conversation at the time. He was incredibly thirsty and I was not yet experienced in the ways of swipe apps. It intimidated me and nothing happened.  I do not [...]

Amanda – Part II

I spoke with L this evening over text message. The thing with L is that he says he treats flirting as a sport. It is hard to tell when he is joking, especially over text.  Tonight, he flirted a bit, then he used a line he already used on me once. He called me his [...]

Thank You For Not Killing Me

So, P just ended things. Despite my previous entry, things had turned around. P was more himself, or at least like the guy who I had first started communicating with. This was definitely out of nowhere (to me, perhaps naïvely) and a genuine punch to the gut. I now feel like I have to stop [...]

Final Appearance of Stripper Guy

I hope that this is the end of my interactions with Stripper Guy, although I am keeping his name and photo for if he ever ends up on the news for killing anyone a la American Psycho.  He texted me out of the blue this afternoon, asking me what I was doing. When I replied [...]


Now the insecurity seeps in. Hello, old friend. I think you are the Gollum to my confidence's Smeagol. I replay the dates I've had in my mind. The things I said, the jokes I made, whether I disclosed too much, whether I should have asked more poignant questions. I think of what things I liked [...]