Charming Men

I've decided that whenever guys are wanting me to detail all the sexual things I'd do with them (as some conversations seem to go, much to my chagrin 🙄), I shall demand that they outline, in detail, all the things they would do for me to bring me massive amounts of pleasure.  That doesn't mean [...]


I don't get a ton of matches on Tinder or Bumble. Admittedly, this is probably because I don't just swipe right with abandon and see what comes up. I see pictures with kids or guns or dead animals and that's a left swipe. I also swipe left for men who say they are looking for [...]


My dating app experience in a nutshell, as experienced over the past 6 hours: Match on Bumble I initiate conversation He replies I ask another innocuous question He unmatches Hours pass SAME DUDE matches on Tinder He immediately unmatches End scene.

What’s Wrong With Being Confident

Confidence is sexy. I know this. Yet, the thing about being fat for so long and dating is that I doubt the intentions of men. Oh, I know that some guys would fuck a hole in the wall. Some do! But there is an added layer of skepticism laid on when dating while fat. It's [...]


I'm not good at letting some things just be, letting them marinate and come to some sort of creation on their own. Maybe it will taste good. Maybe it will taste bad. But I have a tendency to want to cut the chase and get to the meat of the matter. Sometimes this means that [...]

Tantrums – Part 2

I was, of course, correct in my prediction. He told me Saturday morning that he would a) he would find out by 1 pm if he had a conflict and b) would call me that afternoon. He did neither. Fuck this guy, you know? He has also gotten progressively weirder, using academic as an insult [...]


Since I rejoined Tinder, I have re-connected with one of the guys who I had chatted with this past Spring. This guy in particular had a pattern: arrange to meet up, silence close to the date of the arranged meet up, no meet up took place, profuse apologies and excuses, new arrangement... and so on. [...]


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Seattle! Going there, the only things I knew for sure was that I was going to attend the American Sociological Association conference, would present there, and would be getting a tattoo. I actually had not planned on rejoining Tinder until I started listening to Amy Schumer's Girl With the [...]


What is the purpose of a dating site? Meeting people to date. Tinder is like an introduction service, a means for you to get to meet people from the comfort of your phone rather than in a smoke-filled bar. Yet there are a number of people who do not see it that way. They see [...]

Stagnant Conversation

The thing with "going with the flow" is that there had to be a flow. It can't just sit there and stagnate. I'm thinking that since I told Latest Tinder Guy to stop sending my unsolicited dick pics, he has nothing to say to me. He cannot hold a conversation. I was talking to my [...]