Well, I told my students that if HRC won, I predicted a massive amount of backlash (racism, sexism, homophobia). I also think there would be political gridlock and prevented her agenda moving forward, even worse than it has been with Obama.  I was with her. I was a member of the Pantsuit Nation: Now that [...]


Today is World Mental Health Day. I have depression and anxiety. I have had it since I was 10 years old and it is managed relatively well with medication and therapy. I am to the point that I am fairly even-keeled. I recognize my red flags that indicate I need some tweaking or more tools [...]


Now the insecurity seeps in. Hello, old friend. I think you are the Gollum to my confidence's Smeagol. I replay the dates I've had in my mind. The things I said, the jokes I made, whether I disclosed too much, whether I should have asked more poignant questions. I think of what things I liked [...]


Back when I was still doing dating apps and websites, I used to see many men who were all about traveling. "Must love to travel," they'd write. Me? I'm not a huge fan of traveling. Yes, I love going places. Investigating a new city or town is fun. I enjoy going to Disney World and [...]

My Personal Dumbass Tax

I was on my banking website and I noticed that my subscription had been renewed, as it has been for months. I have known that I've had a DVD out from them. I did not realize, until about an hour ago, that DVD has been out since September FUCKING 2011. Have I watched it? [...]