Not So Depressing Valentine’s Day

My mom told me today that she was glad to know that my Valentine's Day this year did not make me depressed. Indeed, it was something new and different! Despite my lack of posts, Dave and I are still together! I've just been very busy, from getting the semester underway to working on a project [...]


I'm awake because I drank tea too late in the evening, plus my sleep schedule is fucked. Oh well. Dave is passed out beside me, gently snoring-ish. Before Dave, I had a hard time falling asleep whenever I shared my bed with someone (regardless if they were family, friend, or other). With him, I can [...]


It is officially 2018 where I am, so I'd like to take stock of my 2017... Professionally I'd like to say I've made some professional strides. I took a group of students to the Women's March on Washington. I completed a program review... then at the end of the year I found out the program [...]

Obsession (Not the Perfume)

My anxiety is on overdrive and reflecting itself in unusual ways. Some examples: I needed to leave to go to Chicago. I knew this. But rather than do the things that would get me closer to leaving - like putting clothes on - I tried to troubleshoot why my TV's Netflix app kept crashing. Then, [...]


I've got a boyfriend! The man from the last post asked me to be his girlfriend. His name is Dave. I know, right? Craziness. He demonstrates in every way that he is interested in me and it is mind blowing just how much of a difference that makes. I do question the speed at which [...]