Jaw Breakers

The title is because jaw breakers are my favorite candy and it is Halloween.  My least favorite candy? Probably Dots. Those are the poor man’s jelly beans and they suck.  Anyway, I’ve been in conversation with a new guy. We matched on Bumble. No plans for meeting yet. He lives two hours away. Works at [...]

Men of Match

I don’t think men read my Match profile. If they did, they might realize I am definitely not for them.  Here are some examples of men who have shown interest in me on Match over the past week. Not messaged me, just shown interest.  These are their written profiles. I am not including pictures or [...]

Keeping the World Free of Foo

I just got home from the Foo Fighters concert in Cincinnati. The concert itself was fun.  Other stuff around it was stressful.  I purchased parking in advance using StubHub. It was $28 for a location .7 mile from the venue ($8 was service fee) . Given that parking usually costs $20 for concerts, I accepted [...]

Long Week

My week is nearly over. The work part of it is complete, at least the part I have to do with clothes on in front of others. Grading and course prep don’t require such formalities.  It has been very rough.  This skin care regimen makes me feel like my face is burned. My face is [...]

Glorious Shit

One of the things Ask Polly recommends to her reader is that they take stock of their lives: You have to be optimistic, be patient, write down everything you’re grateful for every night, and remember that you will look back on this time as one of the most important times of your life. You’ll look [...]

Better Than

Here's the thing: I am much better than alcohol. I know I am. I'm brilliant, fun, and witty. I'm sexy. I'm intriguing. I have depth. I'm warm and sweet. I'm feisty. I'm thoughtful. I'm independent and stubborn. But I'm not as convenient as alcohol. I require effort. Against all sanity, I engaged in a sort [...]

Rotten Egg

He had disclosed to me about a month ago that he was an alcoholic. I asked him to elaborate and it seemed, from his description, that he binged on the weekends. Mainly did it socially. Okay, fine, whatever. Then tonight, he told me he has a much more substantial problem. In fact, he puts alcohol [...]


Let’s talk skin, shall we? Specifically skin that is plagued by adult acne.  Last weekend, I developed an acne cyst a bit larger than a quarter above my left eyebrow. Tired of this bullshit, this is my skin care regimen that I started this week in earnest: Morning Wash face with Cetaphil for acne-prone skin [...]


My best friend informed me that, in looking at my posts and my statuses, I make dating too hard.  She cannot believe I track things like what number the dates are.  And above all, if it doesn’t work out, then he’s not the guy for me.  I need to stop overthinking.  I need to go [...]


Here’s the thing about me and dating - I consider myself to be fairly awkward. I feel like I’m constantly tripping over things, whether my own feet or my tongue. I also try to do things “right” or the “normal” way — even though I fully realize those are constructs and there is no such [...]