Change in Programming

I put a bunch of my posts under password protection. I did it for a few reasons. First, I am residually bothered that “Steve” found my website. I don’t know if he is still reading. That would be fucked up. Second, I’m surprised that I get traffic to my website from Google. I think some [...]

Point of the Cedar

I went on my second date with him. It took place at Cedar Point. I had never been to Cedar Point before, let alone during Halloweekends. I met him at his place. He has a nice one-bedroom apartment in a quite nice complex. Definitely schnazzier digs than I lived in during my apartment tenure. He [...]

Thrills and Chills

Our second date is planned for this weekend at Cedar Point. I've never been before, so this will be great. Here's the thing, though: I like roller coasters, but I am a giant dork when riding scary ones for the first time. I have been known to lift my shirt collar up over my eyes, [...]

Good Egg

This guy is a good egg, y'all. Despite the preemption of our date by football, he didn't ignore me all day. He communicates! I don't really understand the allure of drinking beer starting at 7:30 in the morning, but I'm sure I do crazy shit at an early hour others would find unappealing. He let [...]


As a follow up to my forecast post, I would like to proclaim that I am as accurate as a meteorologist. That is, I am not. I do not have a date this weekend. The date was preempted by Ohio State football. But let's back up. I mentioned to Same Dude Different Day that this [...]


I am not a very optimistic person. I'm not an Eeyore, but I have a hard time looking at the bright side. I told my therapist the other day that everything was going so well that I'm just waiting for a shoe to drop. She told me that I need to anticipate success rather than [...]


There's a scene in Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer where they are playing reindeer games. In it, the girl reindeer Clarice tells Rudolph that he is cute. He then proceeds to jump and leap around wildly. Having recently received a similar message, I have been on a similar high. This guy is not very forthcoming [...]

Staying Cool

I got back from a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles on Tuesday morning. I would like to write about that, and I probably will soon -- after I catch up on my work-related writing. But in the meantime, I want to write about my struggle to stay cool. I ended my last post by saying [...]


I started writing in my journal again after almost a year of neglecting it. Not that I had many entries last year. When I started it last year, it was a way for me to vent and process the things that I didn't feel were appropriate for sharing here. Why, yes, I do have discretion. [...]


I don't know why, but I feel tempted to reach out to Mitt lately.  Let me be clear: I WILL NOT. I just am hungry for good conversation. And probably a little thirsty, too, though I would never put myself in that sort of situation with him again.  It's been nearly three months since we [...]