Still Sickeningly Sweet

My god we are so fucking cute. We can hardly stand it. Let me tell you about this past week. On Tuesday, I went to my 18-month post-op appointment and was called a "super star." Nice. Because I was in the area, I went to get my tires rotated at Discount Tire. Alas, two tires [...]

Into Him

I am really into Dave, y'all. And the weird thing is that he is into me, too. He thinks I'm the bees knees. Well, he hasn't used that exact phrase, but I imagine he'd concur. I don't think this is what it felt like before. I know it's not fair to compare a current relationship [...]


I've got a boyfriend! The man from the last post asked me to be his girlfriend. His name is Dave. I know, right? Craziness. He demonstrates in every way that he is interested in me and it is mind blowing just how much of a difference that makes. I do question the speed at which [...]


Here's something crazy for you. I've met a guy who doesn't cause me to overthink or second-guess myself! No - really! And he is human and real! And he owns a car! And has a college degree! And he likes me! He describes himself as a sort of Ben Wyatt (be still my heart!). And [...]